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BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, August 12 2013

MoveOn Political Action announced Monday that its members have endorsed Silicon Valley's incumbent Democrat Mike Honda.

The group noted that the Democratic congressman had received more than 91 percent of its members' votes in the 17th congressional district.

“ members have spoken clearly and decisively for the progressive values that Rep. Mike Honda champions in the House of Representatives, including his strong support for Social Security,” said Ilya Sheyman, Political Action's executive director. “MoveOn members will put our substantial people power to work, mobilizing volunteers and bundling contributions to ensure Mike Honda remains the 17th District’s representative.”

Honda faces the well-funded Silicon Valley lawyer Ro Khanna as a Democratic challenger for the district's seat. Khanna announced last month that he had raised more than a million dollars during the inaugural quarter of his House campaign. While Honda is popular in his district, Khanna has the backing of many movers and shakers in the technology and business community.

Both candidates said last week that they want to bolster social security rather than cut it.

In a press statement last week, Khanna said:

“My parents worked hard, paid into Social Security and, as retirees, rely on those benefits. Congress should stop playing politics with Social Security and focus on extending its solvency, so future generations can retire with dignity and security. The benefits promised to current recipients must remain sacrosanct. To ensure that Social Security remains viable for the long-term, Congress should increase the payroll tax cap from its current level of $113,700 – asking the wealthiest among us to pay their fair share. This would add many years to the solvency of the Trust Fund without cutting benefits or increasing the retirement age, which I strongly oppose.”