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First POST: Judgment Day

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, July 30 2013

Top news

  • A verdict is expected today in the trial of Bradley Manning.

  • Alexa O'Brien offers a primer.

  • It appears the Justice Department, in response to a lawsuit brought by Yahoo, is moving ahead with steps necessary to declassify orders issued by a secret court overseeing surveillance.

  • After a campaign by activists, Twitter will add a button for all users allowing them to report abusive posts.

  • Gang, what do we all make of Amazon's part in President Barack Obama's the-economy-really-isn't-that-bad-anymore national tour? The online retailer's fulfillment center will be the backdrop for remarks by the President Tuesday after Amazon announced more than 5,000 full-time jobs created in the United States.

    Internet industries' changing — ascendant? — role in the American economy will be held up as cause for celebration, along with other recent news like Google's decision to assemble the Moto X phone from its subsidiary, Motorola, in the United States. From companies asking for more skilled worker visas as part of immigration reform to staging events like these to position Internet companies as domestic job generators, Internet industry is clearly making a conscious effort to rebrand. So is what's good for Google — or Amazon — really good for the American worker?

    This is a conversation worth following closely.


Around the web

  • Ah, what the Internet does to politics — sometime TechPresident contributing writer Matt Taylor, who is tracking the New York City mayor's race for New York Magazine's Daily Intel, notes one consequence is city Public Advocate Bill de Blasio campaigning in Williamsburg with Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Democrat of Connecticut. DeLauro would have to take at least three trains to get back to her home district from that particular corner of Brooklyn, but her style and her politics have garnered her the kind of Internet cred that works well in Williamsburg.

  • University of Texas students used some digital legerdemain to "hijack" a yacht in a demonstration of GPS security vulnerabilities.

  • Nextgov headline: "Drones Approved for Commercial Flights." Okay, Nextgov Editor-at-Large Bob Brewin. We'll click on that one.

  • Emojitracker: The Matrix for the emotional and intellectual decline of your First POST editor's generation, this website does more or less what its name would lead you to guess by counting the most ubiquitous emojis on Twitter right at that moment.

  • The British Government has released GIST, an online tool to track spending across government.