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Transparency Tracker Encourages Aid Orgs to Release Data

BY Jessica McKenzie | Friday, July 12 2013

Publish What You Fund will release their 2013 Aid Transparency Index in October, but they already have some information available from their new Aid Transparency Tracker, launched earlier this year. The Tracker uploads information from the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), and then based on whether the organization has published or has the intention to publish, ranks them 'Ambitious,' 'Moderately ambitious,' and 'Unambitious.'

The 2012 Index is online, and by clicking around on the organizations and governments more specific data can be found, but it seems like one of the goals is to have more frequent, even continuous, feedback. On the Open Knowledge Foundation Labs blog, Mark Brough, the Aid Information Advisor to Publish What You Fund, wrote earlier this week that “several donors are using the tool to flag areas where there could be improvements in their data. We want this tool to be useful on an ongoing basis to donors, but that will require both that tests run nightly and also that donors can test unpublished data. We'll be working on those features over the next month.”

In the comments of that post someone points out that visualizations would be helpful, especially as there doesn't seem to be a way to compare results between agencies, except for the red, green, and yellow lights that correspond to Ambitious, Moderately ambitious and Unambitious.

The tool is still in relative infancy, so maybe nifty infographics are in the works.

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