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First POST: Scrutiny

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, July 9 2013

Around the web

  • The Snowden interview, part II — The Guardian on Monday released the second in a two-part video series excerpting from the June interview Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras conducted with NSA leaker Edward Snowden in Hong Kong. In the video, Snowden summarizes what he has disclosed so far and speculates on what the U.S. government's response to him will be.

  • Venezuela bound? The Washington Post, which picks "American fugitive" for Snowden over "leaker" and certainly over "whistleblower," reports Venezuela is on the document-dropper's short list for asylum. As of Tuesday morning it's unclear whether he's taken the offer.

  • James B. Comey, a nominee for director of the FBI, is expected to take questions about surveillance at his confirmation hearings this week. (See also The Guardian's rewrite of the same story.)

  • President Barack Obama touted his record on efficiency and data ahead of a week where that record will come under congressional scrutiny.

  • Politico explores how a desire to use data analytics in campaigns is starting to turn into practice down the ballot:

    The work of data and analytics pioneers — from labor and the Analyst Institute, as well as OFA — is paying dividends throughout the party. Earlier this year, the Democratic firm Clarity Campaigns conducted an extensive modeling project for all 50 state parties, classing voters by more than a dozen demographic and political characteristics, including their views on climate and guns, as well as likelihood to drop off between presidential and nonpresidential elections.

  • "Portlandia" excerpt or government-funded ad for a new health care exchange? You be the judge!

  • Speaking of the whole Obamacare thing, the implementation is turning out to be a little hairy.

  • Let's Talk Bitcoin looks like it's found the first seizure of Bitcoin by government as ill-gotten gains. (Via The New York Times)

  • Zambian journalists thought to run an independent watchdog website were detained and their possessions confiscated by police — according to a report on that same website, Zambian Watchdog.

  • At PandoDaily, Hamish McKenzie jumps into the question of Silicon Valley and inequality prompted by Code for America (and former Obama for America) staffer Catherine Bracy's Personal Democracy Forum 2013 talk.