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First POST: Clarifying Remarks

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, June 25 2013

Around the web

  • Correcting the record The Guardian reports Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.) have asked the NSA to make unspecified changes to the way it publicly describes its electronic surveillance programs on the ground that the agency is now overstating the protections in place for Americans' privacy.

  • Breaking: front page, 11 a.m.: "Putin Confirms Snowden Is in a Moscow Airport; Rules Out Extradition"

  • "The House Facts Data Standard" launched yesterday, powering an app called "Neighborhood Score" to rate neighborhoods on sustainability and overall health. Launched by Code for America, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Mo., Bloomington and Gary, Ind., Bayside, Wisc., and Olathe, Kan., along with Trulia and other business partners, the standard appears to follow in the footsteps of an initiative announced earlier this year in which restaurant inspection data now appears on Yelp thanks to another open standard.

    Sounds interesting, but guys: The website does not provide an obvious link to the standard specification itself, so it's hard to gauge what developers will want to do with it.

  • The updated has launched in advance of the October rollout of health insurance exchanges. TechPresident reported in March that the Department of Health and Human Services was working with open-source software developers to build the new, and the front-end for the exchanges, using a new open-source framework called Jekyll and a development approach meant to make the system more adaptable and less likely to inculcate a dependency on the work of anyone development firm.

  • New Presidential Innovation Fellows: The White House has announced a new class of Presidential Innovation Fellows to work on a slew of new projects and some existing ones, including a plan to create a one-stop portal for access to the federal government.

  • Those Knight News Challenge winners: Taken together, the Knight News Challenge winners, announced today by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, foretell a civic technology field that will look a whole lot nerdier (even nerdier?) than it does now.

    Hamish McKenzie has a little more at PandoDaily.

  • The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development announced that it will consider a complaint leveled against "a UK-based company accused of selling spyware for governments."

  • A First POST correction: yesterday's First POST mischaracterized statements by TIME correspondent Michael Scherer about Edward Snowden and leakers in general, and has been corrected online. Scherer has written, "those in the government set on preventing the leaks now face a distinct and identifiable threat in this group of young technologists, working in government, who believe, in good faith, in a set of ideals that conflict with current law. And that there are experiences and information sources that bind them together," which describes a smaller group than the post originally suggested.