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First POST: Expansion

BY Nick Judd | Friday, May 24 2013

Around the web

  • Calling for a new digital social contract: In The Nation, Ari Melber and legal scholars Woodrow Hartzog and Evan Selinger suggest that the country needs a new legal framework for software terms of service — treating them like other contracts, they say, ignores how one-sided they really are.

  • Technology and national security: In a major speech on the nation's counterterrorism policy, Barack Obama said of domestic terrorism: "technology and the Internet increase its frequency." The president acknowledge the need for "privacy protections that prevent abuse" of increased digital surveillance by law enforcement, but made no apologies for greater monitoring of online activities or of the government's use of state secrets.

  • Voice of the past — In 2004, then-Congressman Anthony Weiner had observations about online media that could have come in handy for the Weiner of 2011, when scandal pushed him out of the House, and might come in handy for him today, as he begins a mayoral run. TechPresident pulls that moment from our Personal Democracy Forum archives.

  • The State Department explains its available APIs.

  • New York City officials round up what they learned from people in other cities after hosting a recent symposium on digital innovation.

  • Maybe they could finally restore phone service to New Yorkers who say they still don't have landline phone access months after Hurricane Sandy.

  • Gawker, the successful online media website that's asking people to give it money so it can buy a scandalous video of a public official from drug dealers, says the source of the video has gone AWOL.

  • Digital activism shocker: Including pictures or "fun" links in emails can increase click rates. Who knew?

  • Code for America announces partnerships in Mexico City, Germany, and the Caribbean.