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China Gets an Apology from Apple

BY Julia Wetherell | Monday, April 1 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook's Chinese-language apology to consumers (screengrab).

In response to an aggressive Chinese media campaign that iPhone's warranty policy last month, Apple has issued an apology to consumers.  Official state broadcasts reported that Chinese customers seeking to replace damaged phones were given second-hand devices, a practice that does not exist in European or American markets. 

In a Chinese-language statement posted to Apple’s main website today, CEO Tim Cook addressed the concerns expressed in the media and on microblogging sites about the second-class treatment of Chinese customers.  Apple had previously released a short response to the March 15 CCTV that broke the story, saying that it only stocks the highest-quality merchandise in China. 

“We realize that a lack of communication in this process has led the outside to believe that Apple is arrogant and doesn’t care or value consumers’ feedback,” Cook stated.  “We sincerely apologize for any concern or misunderstanding this has brought to the customers.”

The letter went on to say that Apple’s customer service in China should  “indistinguishable from other countries,” and offered “major adjustments” going forward, including improved iPhone repair policy and more transparent access to the online warranty policy. 

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