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Reimagine How Cities Work At TEDx City 2.0 This Weekend

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, October 12 2012

If you're at a loss on what to do this week-end, go find inspiration at one of these TEDxCity2.0 talks this Saturday, which are meetings that are happening all around the world from Johannesburg to Jaipur.

The organizers of the TEDx community events have decided to focus on sustainable and smart cities, and communities around the world have brought together local business and thought leaders to speak.

The TEDx organizers are billing it as "a day of urban inspiration, a day when TEDx communities around the world will host an event to share the powerful narratives of urban innovators and organizers, stewards and artists, builders and taste makers."

Events will take place in 63 locations around the world (San Francisco has two simultaneous events,) with some being invite-only. In San Francisco, one of the more intriguing series of talks is going to feature a range of personalities who span from angel investor Ron Conway, chairman of SF Citi, an emerging kind of a chamber of commerce for local startup tech companies, to Larry Hunt, "The Bucket Man," a performer who sometimes lives on the streets. Other speakers include Jake Levitas, research director for the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, Molly Turner, public policy manager for AirBNB, Dan Parham, Founder of Neighborland, a civic-oriented startup aimed at facilitating citizen-led projects to improve neighborhoods.

SF Citi recently released a video that proposes some of the ways that local tech companies can help solve some of the mundane everyday annoyances that city residents face when getting around the city.

"This is really a fun, concept piece about how tech can improve city life in San Francisco," said Zach Blume, a partner and managing director at Portal A Interactive, the company that created the video.