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Indonesian Activists Mount Online Anti-Corruption Campaign

BY Lisa Goldman | Monday, October 8 2012

In response to a widely reported conflict between Indonesia's official anti-corruption agency and the police, Indonesian activists have mounted an online campaign to raise awareness and encourage action.

According to the Jakarta Post, the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (known by the acronym KPK) launched an investigation into a case of police graft; the police, angered to the point of seeking retribution, have threatened to arrest the KPK commander over a conveniently re-opened 2004 case against him, as a “warning” intended to deter the commission from pursuing other cases involving the country's law enforcement officers.

Foreign Policy fills in more details:

The police are leading a KPK-bashing campaign and have found enthusiasts amongst the powerful institutions that have felt the wrath of the anti-graft campaign, such as the House of Representatives, the major political parties, and even the office of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Insisting that they conduct their own investigation against Djoko Susilo, the police are doing all they can to frustrate the KPK’s work. Earlier this month, they withdrew 20 officers seconded to work with the commission. When they offered replacements, none of the candidates passed the KPK integrity test. The KPK has offered the 20 recalled officers to join full-time and build their careers with the commission; there were only five takers.

TechinAsia reports that the campaign has met with some success, both online and on the streets. The Twitter hashtag #SaveKPK trended on Twitter on October 5, the Facebook page Save KPK has received nearly 17,000 "likes," and an online petition has received approximately 10,000 signatures. Meanwhile, around 1,000 activists demonstrated their support in front of the KPK headquarters.

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