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In Thailand, Apps to Track Risks of Flood

BY Lisa Goldman | Monday, September 24 2012

The Thai government has launched an iPad and iPhone app that tracks and updates constantly with information about rainfall and flooding in the country. The apps, called Water4Thai, include information in both English and Thai; they can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store.

Last year, flooding caused a full blown crisis that affected more than 3 million people, with thousands of acres of farmland devastated and major infrastructure and traffic problems in Bangkok.

The Nation reports:

Created by the Office of National Water and Flood Management Policy, the application even offers live footage from video cameras installed at key waterways for a closed-circuit television system.

It also provides updated details on weather conditions, areas hit by heavy rainfall, and water levels in dams and reservoirs.

The office's acting secretary, Supoj Towichukchaikul, who is deputy permanent secretary at the National Resources and Environment Ministry, showed reporters how to use the app, or application, yesterday.

"As of now, Sirikit and Bhumibol dams can take in 9,358.98 million cubic metres more water," he pointed out. He voiced confidence that there would be no flood crisis like last year.

TechinAsia's Rick Martin caught our attention with his post about the apps. He notes that the Water4Thai is now the top app in the weather category.

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