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Coming Up: "The Rise of the 'Peer Progressive'" Monday 9/24 7pm in NYC

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, September 19 2012

We're looking forward to this Monday night's conversation on "The Rise of the 'Peer Progressive'" with author Steven Johnson that we're hosting along with NY Law School's Institute of Information Law & Policy. We'll be joined by Beth Noveck, Tina Rosenberg and Clay Shirky, who each have carved their own pathbreaking expertise on the power of open networks to produce better outcomes. Tickets are going fast for what I suspect will be a seminal event.

To whet your appetite for the conversation, check out this new video from Johnson where he describes the key ideas in his new book, "Future, Perfect":

Also, check out this review of Future, Perfect that just ran in the Wall Street Journal.