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A Platform for Open Bill Markup Is Now Open Source

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, September 12 2012

When House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa announced that he was rolling out a platform for collaborative bill markup, called MADISON, in conjunction with Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), his staff assured techPresident that it would be released as open source — sometime.

That time has come. Yesterday, the Open Gov Foundation, an outgrowth of Issa and Wyden's partnership that was announced at Personal Democracy Forum earlier this year, posted the code for MADISON to GitHub.

Open government advocates in all corners of government are starting to put their code where their "open" mouths are by releasing source on GitHub. The White House recently uploaded the code to its "We the People" e-petitions platform, for example.

MADISON was launched earlier this year as a means to collect critiques of the Stop Online Piracy Act and suggestions to alternative legislation that Issa and Wyden proposed under the acronym OPEN. Using the platform, site visitors could comment on individual lines first on one piece of legislation and then both.