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Internet Company Employees Arrested for Taking Bribes to Delete Info From Chinese Search Engine

BY Lisa Goldman | Monday, August 6 2012

Three employees of a Chinese web company have been arrested for accepting thousands of dollars in bribes to delete information from a search engine, reports the BBC. Baidu, which owns the largest Chinese language search engine, fired all three employees — plus a third, who was not arrested.

Neither Baidu nor the Chinese police disclosed the nature of the deleted material, but TechinAsia blogger C. Custer notes that Chinese corporations have been known to pay in order to have negative information removed from search engines. In the United States and other countries, corporations pay for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that create positive information so that search results show the positive results before the negative.

China is notorious for its government censorship policies, known as the Great Firewall. But the regime prohibits private companies from censoring Internet content.