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House Oversight Committee To Implement New Contact-Congress Tool

BY Miranda Neubauer | Monday, July 9 2012

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will become the first committee to implement POPVOX’s “Write Congress” tool on five pieces of legislation.

POPVOX is an online platform that lets individual constituents and organizations commment on legislation and and show their support for specific bills.

The House Committee is getting ready to launch a slightly modified version of the POPVOX website widget, available to anyone, that's been modified to comply with requirements of the Franking Committee. For example, text that once read "Tell Congress what you think" is now "share your views."

The widget allows constituents to contact their Member of Congress regarding the specific legislation, with the committee in question receiving a copy of the correspondence as well. The committee is implementing the widget on H.R. 2146, the DATA Act; H.R. 459, The Federal Reserve Transparency Act; H.R. 4607, the Midnight Rule Relief Act; H.R. 4155, the Veteran Skills to Jobs Act; and H.R. 4078, the Regulatory Freeze for Jobs Act. With a screen name, the constituent's comment is also posted on the POPVOX bill report.

The features are expected to launch this week.

“We are dedicated to empowering individuals to participate in their government, stay informed and speak out on the committee’s vital government reform legislation,” Committee Chair Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is quoted as saying in a statement techPresident obtained in advance, but which Oversight never released. “It’s our job to deliver a government that spends less and serves better. Experimenting with innovative technology like this can help us get there.”

This post has been corrected. The Oversight Committee has yet to officially launch this feature.