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Personal Democracy Media at the State of the Net conference, Italy

BY Antonella Napolitano | Thursday, June 21 2012

In the past year, Italy has faced unprecedented political and economic challenges.

Today, new political movements are fighting traditional parties, while a very lively open government and open data movement has been building, trying to create bridges and communicate with the institutions. And in this historical moment some of those traditional, technocratic institutions seem willing to change the way they have always worked to open up more to citizens.

Are they ready to listen to citizens and use the tools that people is already using? Are they willing to learn about the digital culture they have been immersed in?

The State of the Net conference, taking place tomorrow and Saturday in the historic city of Trieste, aims at describing the state of the art of the Internet in Italy and the challenges that the country is facing in a global perspective. Hierarchies vs. networks, privacy vs. transparency, copyright vs. copyleft, communication vs. information are just some of the themes that will be explored in these two days.

It will gather the most relevant opinion makers, entrepreneurs and journalists from Italy and abroad. It is a joint effort of a group of journalists and entrepreneurs based in the North-East of Italy (one of the most productive areas of the country), with the support of institutions and enterprises of that area.
It is a key meeting for the Italian industry and the tech community as it investigates dynamics and opportunities of the current digital scenario with a list of exceptional Italian and international speakers.

Personal Democracy Media is happy to be a partner of the conference and to curate the transparency section, happening this Saturday. Speakers include writer Andrew Keen, technologist and activist Marko Rakar and Jan Hemme of the Berlin Pirate Party (who recently spoke at PDF 2012.)

The conference will be livestreamed. The Twitter hashtag for the conference is #sotn12