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Workers' Voice Asks the Crowd for Campaigns to Care About

BY Miranda Neubauer | Monday, June 18 2012

Workers' Voice, the super PAC of the AFL-CIO, is close to finishing its "platform to encourage volunteer action," and expects to launch it next month, Eddie Vale, communications director for Workers' Voice, writes in an e-mail. Using that platform, supporters will be earn the right to direct some of the organization's spending by participating in Workers' Voice field and online program and completing certain actions.

To complement that effort, similar to a survey that MoveOn recently sent to its supporters, Workers' Voice has sent a message to its supporters asking them which election races are important to them.

The survey asks supporters to what extent they would be willing to volunteer online or offline to earn the ability to spend Worker's Voice dollars on a race they care about, and whether they would volunteer to help re-elect Barack Obama.

The survey then asks supporters to list "candidates you're excited about" for the House, Senate, for Governor or on the state or local level.