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Obama Ad Targets Romney on Boston Globe Homepage

BY Miranda Neubauer | Thursday, May 31 2012 screenshot (@mcgregormt via @kathrynepeters)

As various campaign officials pointed out on Twitter, the Obama campaign has bought a large ad criticizing Mitt Romney on the front of one of the Boston Globe's homepages,

Apparently limited to Massachusetts-area web visitors, the ad proclaims that "Romney Economics didn't work for Massachusetts. It won't work for America." The ad notes that job growth fell to 47th out of 50 states, taxes and fees increased by more than $750 million per year and state debt was the highest in the nation per person.

The Obama campaign was holding a press conference in Massachusetts today attacking Romney's record as Massachusetts Governor, and also released a new video on the subject in which several Democratic state officials criticize his record. The Boston Globe reports: "The video includes a number of charts about Romney’s record, which splash across the screen between scenes of a Red Line subway train crossing the Charles River, or a Duck Boat floating by. Images of rusted infrastructure and litter in the street gutter are interspersed with the commentary."