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This Isn't What Political Air Time Usually Means

BY Miranda Neubauer | Wednesday, May 23 2012 is asking supporters for $150,000 in donations to fly a plane above high-dollar fundraisers for Mitt Romney with "a message that reminds voters how he represents his corporate and 1% donors."

MoveOn previously hired a plane to fly over Romney's Liberty University graduation speech with the message "GOP = HIGHER SCHOOL DEBT."

In the e-mail to supporters, MoveOn Executive Director Justin Rubin proposes the effort as an alternative to expensive TV advertising:

"With 99airlines, we'll transform Mitt Romney's 1% fundraising tour into an airborne progressive message machine," he writes. "If we hit our fundraising goal, we can secure enough plane banners so that at every Romney event, instead of looking at the podium, the reporters' eyes and cameras will be pointing up, on the lookout for our banners."

Ruben says that MoveOn will also heavily promote 99airlines on Facebook and on Tumblr, encouraging supporters to post photos of the planes. Based on separate e-mails, MoveOn is asking supporters for donations ranging from $5 up to at least $65.

In the 2008 election cycle, Ron Paul supporters raised funds for a blimp which flew over several states with the messages "Ron Paul Revolution" and "Who is Ron Paul? Google Ron Paul."