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White House: Tell Congress To Do Its Job! Pass It On.

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Wednesday, May 9 2012

The White House on Wednesday tried to amplify the President's call to Congress to take legislative action to create jobs with the release of a shareable badge featuring the president's five-point-plan.

The badge encourages supporters to share Obama's "To-Do List" for Congress on their web sites and social networks, but curiously lacks any more information about the specific bills that supporters could call on their members of congress to support.

This stands in direct contrast to a Facebook app the House Republicans released late March called "Citizen Cosponsor," which enables citizens to pick specific pieces of legislation to support, and to then share that on Facebook. (To be clear, the featured pieces of legislation are bills pre-selected by House Republicans.)

While the app itself raises lots of questions in the way it was deployed, the general idea of pinpointing specific legislation and allowing people to rally around and support it on a social platform seems like a more effective strategy than simply asking supporters to clutter up their friends' news feed with a bunch of election year talking points.