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Newt Gingrich Still Owes People Who Helped Him Raise His Money

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, May 2 2012

According to Federal Election Commission filings, Newt Gingrich ended the month of April with $4.3 million in outstanding debt — some of it, ironically, to the company that likely helped him raise a good chunk of his campaign haul.

Gingrich owed over $134,000 to CMDI, a company that among other things has a hefty chunk of market share in online payment processing and compliance software for high-level Republican campaigns, filings show.

Those weren't his only tech-related debts. Filings also show he owed $100,000 to Crimson Hexagon, a social media monitoring firm; $50,000 to AirNet Group, a hosting company in Tennessee; and $12,000 to Twitter, which sells targeted online advertising. He also owed about $26,800 to Victory Phones, a company that does automated calling for campaigns.

To help defray his debts, Gingrich's campaign had already begun renting out his email list for a fee. His supporters have since received email solicitations for identity protection services and to donate in support of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.