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A French Presidential Candidate, Set to Jay-Z and Kanye

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, April 12 2012

Now making the rounds is this video, released on Tuesday, in which footage of French presidential candidate François Hollande's visit to suburbs of Paris and Lyon is set to a track from Jay-Z and Kanye West's recent collaborative effort, "Watch the Throne."

In the video, Hollande appears shaking hands and brandishing voter cards dans les banlieues, where there is no shortage of home-grown hip-hop tradition.

The Socialist Party candidate's tech-focused campaign already stood out for its efforts to make full use of social platforms, spinning up accounts on Instagram, Tumblr and the Spotify-esque music service Deezer. Hollande differs from the incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in another net-peculiar way: Under Sarkozy's watch, lawmakers implemented a law that can lead to suspension of Internet access for repeat copyright infringers. Hollande would seek to replace that law, his digital policy advisor has told techPresident.