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Testing the SuperPAC-Free Massachusetts Senate Campaign

BY Nick Judd | Friday, March 9 2012

In an email to supporters, Massachusetts U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren just announced that after an online conversation with supporters, she's asked Sen. Scott Brown to donate money to the Autism Consortium, a network of medical and research institutions in the Boston and Worcester areas, in accordance with a pledge both contenders for the Senate reached in January.

An independent group placed an ad recently on Brown's behalf. Brown and Warren had pledged that should outside groups enter the race on one candidate's behalf, that candidate would donate to a charity of the other candidate's choice from its campaign funds — which would, in theory, negate the financial benefits of outside money entering the race.

Warren asked her supporters to indicate what charity should receive the money. Earlier this week, Brown announced that he would make the donation.

From the Warren camp's email:

Over the past few days, we received 8,598 thoughtful, heartfelt suggestions for charities we should support through our website -- and hundreds more on Facebook and Twitter. Some of you specifically recommended autism research, and others suggested more areas of research and support.

As I read your comments, I thought about the needs in so many directions -- and I thought about the obligation we owe to each other to invest in our kids and in our future. I also thought about how many good and generous people are now linked together through our emails, Facebook, and Twitter feeds.