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Spotted: Scott Brown Ads on YouTube

BY Miranda Neubauer | Wednesday, February 29 2012

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) has begun advertising his campaign online beyond Massachusetts using the Google ad network, including on YouTube.

Describing himself as "an independent voice", he urges viewers of the ad to "donate today." According to new figures released by the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, the number of independent voters in the state continues to grow as membership in the two main parties are shrinking. The latest figures show that the number of voters not enrolled in any party has topped 52 percent, up from 2004, when slightly less than half of all Massachusetts voters were independent. The number of registered Democrats has dropped more than a full percentage point from more than 37 percent of all voters in 2004, while the proportion of Republicans has dropped from 13 percent to 11 percent.

One particular ad appeared beside a YouTube video in which a young woman says she is following President Barack Obama's lead in apologizing for recent Koran burnings by U.S. troops.

Brown recently took flak from the Kennedy family for his comments about Ted Kennedy in a radio ad.

He won a 2010 special election to finish out the late Kennedy's term and is now running for a full six-year term, most notably facing Consumer Financial Protection Bureau architect and Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the seat.