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Team Obama Spends Big On Digital

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, February 1 2012

There's more to come from recently filed campaign finance reports from the presidential campaigns. Meantime, Politico notes that Barack Obama's re-election effort has so far spent $2.2 million in online advertising, millions more on payroll and $809,000 on computer equipment and software.

Here's Politico's Ken Vogel:

Obama’s campaign committee spent $20 million in the fourth quarter on a wide range of expenses that show that Obama is beefing up in preparation for the general election, including $4.7 million on payroll, $2.2 million in online advertising and $809,000 on computer equipment and software.

The campaign ended 2011 with $82 million in the bank and $3 million in debt, according to a report filed Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission.

The campaign’s debts include more than $265,000 owed to Blue State Digital, the new-media agency that has coordinated many of Obama’s Web efforts, plus $200,000 owed to Bully Pulpit Interactive, a digital marketing firm formed by staffers from Obama’s 2008 campaign.