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What Would Happen If They Occupied the Government?

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, December 13 2011

Tom Watson writes that Clay Shirky "had the take-away question" from last night's Personal Democracy Media event on Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party and networked democracy. In Watson's words: "At what point, if ever, does Occupy “go all the way” in altering our relationship with government? Or better stated, in a democratic republic, when does it change government – since we have no relationship in theory."

Watson at length:

The answer’s unclear, of course. Yet it was heartening to me to hear Shearer’s account on the burgeoning impact of Occupy on organized labor. It’s not quite that the Occupiers are standing over an operating room gurney, charging a couple of electronic paddles, and yelling “clear!” Maybe it’s closer to an ice cold Gatorade to a long distance runner. But I had to agree with [Occupy organizer Beka Economopoulos'] conclusion:

“Occupy Wall Street is not an alternative to real organizing – it is real organizing.”