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Twitter Helps CNN To Scoop Local Fox TV Station

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, November 28 2011

They say in politics that candidates are best served by taking control of stories and addressing any crises before they arise, but Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's denial of an allegation about a 13-year affair on The Situation Room with CNN's Wolf Blitzer before the news even broke must have set some sort of new standard.

The Huffington Post's Michael Calderone reports that Wolf Blitzer was able to ask Cain about the allegations on The Situation Room because CNN's producers caught mentions about them on Twitter regarding a forthcoming report from Atlanta TV station WAGA:

"But during that segment, the first of three, CNN producers began to see tweets referencing the upcoming story and contacted a Cain staffer in the network’s green room, according to Washington DC bureau chief Sam Feist.

While seated during a commercial break, Blitzer then asked Cain about the Atlanta report and the candidate acknowledged that his campaign had been contacted about it and would be willing to discuss it on air."

As MSNBC's Chuck Todd notes: "You know the news cycle has shrunk when the denial of an accusation takes place BEFORE the accusation."