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Sarah Lai Stirland Joining techPresident as Senior Writer

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, November 8 2011

Sarah Lai Stirland, Photo: Peter Krogh

We're pleased to announce that starting next week, Sarah Lai Stirland will be joining the Personal Democracy staff as senior writer for techPresident. Sarah has long experience covering tech and politics, most recently for Talking Point Memo's Idea Lab section as its technology reporter and editor, and before that as's politics and technology writer on its Threat Level blog.

I'm particularly thrilled to have Sarah join our team because back in 2007-08, she was one of the only writers on this beat who--I have to admit it--beat us to stories that we wanted! Check out Sarah's archive of reporting here if you need a refresher.

She'll be joining me and Nick Judd, who is moving up to managing editor, as we gear up for 2012 and beyond. Keep your eyes peeled for our new website (coming soon, we promise!) and more in-depth coverage of how tech is changing politics, government and civic life, here in America and around the world.