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Mayor Rahm Emanuel And the Fake @$%!ing Zombies

BY Nick Judd | Monday, October 31 2011

The office of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel decided to celebrate Halloween by posting this photo to Facebook, in which Emanuel appears to be checking his mobile phone while on the set of a special Chicago "L" episode of AMC's zombie series "The Walking Dead."

"In case of a zombie apocalypse, remember to stay calm like Rahm," goes the photo caption, posted Saturday. "Have a happy and safe Halloween, Chicago!

The image appears to be Photoshopped, and because this is, after all, the Internet, commenters immediately piled on.

"Interesting how the zombie right behind Rahm casts a reflection in the glass window of a guy in a red baseball cap," one commenter wrote. "lol I knew vampires didn't have reflections, but I didn't know zombies were able to cast false reflections. ;) (still a fun pic, though)"

That set the tone for a few subsequent comments — a handful out of 94, along with 355 shares and 556 likes, if you're keeping score — calling Emanuel's office to task for their Halloween fun.

"I wouldn't mind a shop'd picture like this if it wasn't coming from the Mayor's office itself," another commenter wrote.