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The White House Is On Foursquare, But Is There a 'Commander-in-Chief' Badge?

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, August 16 2011

The White House has joined Foursquare, administration new media staffer Kori Schulman announced on the White House blog.

You won't be seeing check-ins from President Barack Obama himself, but the White House plans to create locations for upcoming presidential appearances and leave behind tips after each presidential stop. The official White House feed posted its first tip on Monday, after an Obama campaign appearance in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. It seems the White House new media team plans on using this tool to promote Obama's ongoing bus tour of the Midwest.

After just a day on Foursquare, the White House has already racked up over 11,300 followers. That far outstrips the campaigns of other presidential hopefuls, like Herman Cain (over 1,100 followers; first tip at the White House on April 8: "Look around and see if you can find any leadership," done by 11 people); Mitt Romney (less than 1,000 followers; first tip at the Iowa State Fair last week: "Try the corn dogs," done by 21 people); and Newt Gingrich (almost 1,500 followers; first tip at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. on June 12: "Tune in on Mon. 6/13 at 8PM ET on CNN or WMUR to watch the GOP Primary Debate at St. Anselm College where Newt will be checking in," done by three people).

The White House Foursquare account isn't the mayor of the White House the venue, nor are any of the other candidates mayor of anything. The only people I've seen go that far with Foursquare are New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who under new Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne's tutelage visited Foursquare in person and is mayor of New York City Hall, and South Orange Village President Alex Torpey, the 24-year-old new media consultant elected earlier this year to to be his New Jersey town's volunteer leader. (Torpey is mayor of the village hall.)

Obama doesn't seem to have a campaign Foursquare account yet — this one has all the trappings of an official White House property.

(Via Mashable)