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EchoDitto's Michael Silberman Going to Greenpeace to Start a 'Global Digital Mobilization Lab'

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, July 21 2011

Michael Silberman. Photo: EchoDitto

On his blog, Michael Silberman, an online activism expert known for his work on the 2004 Howard Dean campaign, announces he will be stepping back from the work at the digital consultancy he founded, EchoDitto, and moving on to Greenpeace.

Silberman made his name in online activism on the Dean presidential campaign, where he coordinated the campaign's innovative use of the Meetup platform to allow supporters to self-organize across the country. Now, Silberman will lead a "new, global digital mobilization lab" at Greenpeace, the organization's executive director, Philip Radford, writes at the Huffington Post:

The lab will be a dynamic, forward-looking space that will work with Greenpeace and allies in 42 countries to envision, test and roll out creative new means of communicating, organizing and fundraising online.

Digital innovation -- how we use mobile phones, tablets, email and other technologies -- will happen at the edges of organizations and networks. The lab is designed to serve as a collaborative hub among networks -- inside and outside Greenpeace -- to find, test and push the envelope on the use of technology in campaigns. Greenpeace's global reach into 42 markets, from China to India to Brazil to the U.S., will surface creative new ideas that would not be found in any one country.

On his blog, Silberman says he will remain involved with EchoDitto as a founder, owner and board member. He calls out some of Greenpeace's recent social media successes, such as a campaign against how Mattel sources its packaging: The campaign, which spread a video of Ken breaking up with Barbie over the issue, has garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

"The Lab will be working with wildly talented Greenpeace campaigners in some 42 countries to help push the known boundaries of how we engage people in online campaigns," Silberman wrote in an email to friends that he also shared on his blog. "We'll be serving (and learning from) allies outside of Greenpeace as well. The plan is to build a team that can experiment with everything from tried and true tactics to newer and emerging opportunities for online advocacy, fundraising, marketing, and communications."