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Things For a 2012 Election Infrastructure: a High-Tech Tracker Operation

BY Nick Judd | Monday, July 11 2011

The New York Times' Michael Shear has a look inside American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic organization following Republican candidates running in 2011 and 2012, searching for their "macaca" moments:

Combined with a team of 20 researchers in a Washington “war room” that has a large rack of computer servers, the effort is part of a push by Democratic groups to bolster their opposition research. Republicans also have trackers, but so far have not assembled the kind of centralized video archive of political caught-on-tape moments that their rivals envision.

“Our obligation here is to get these guys on the record with what they really believe so they can’t walk away from their record,” said Rodell Mollineau, a former aide to Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and the group’s president. “There are many opportunities for us to record Republicans showing their true colors.”

If the ambiguity around the organization — "American Bridge 21st Century" sounds more like a madlib than the name of an actual legal entity; the Times describes it as an "organization" or a "group" — didn't give it away, yes, it is a super PAC, funded by unlimited amounts of money and capable of receiving funds, albeit indirectly, from undisclosed donors.

"American Bridge officials say they have raised several million dollars and hope to bring in $15 million to make the group part of a new liberal infrastructure that will last far beyond the 2012 cycle," Shear writes.

His full article has more, including a comparison between this operation and the tracker infrastructure — or lack thereof — on the Republican side. Andrew Breitbart, who was most recently involved in the demise of Anthony Weiner's political career, goes unmentioned.

(With Becky Kazansky)