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White House Asks 'How Are We Tweeting?'

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 2 2011

"How’s the @whitehouse account doing?," tweeted the Obama White House this morning, "Things you like? Things it could do better? Take our survey."

The White House social media survey asks the 2.1 million followers of the White House Twitter account which of a handful of other official White House accounts they follow -- including that of White House new media director Macon Phillips, press secretary Jay Carney, "rapid response director" Jesse Lee, photographer Pete Souza, and a Spanish-language news feed. (Actually, though the survey is addressed to @whitehouse followers, anyone can take it.) Respondents are also asked questions reaching beyond Twitter, like whether they use the White House or Facebook or other means to engage with White House content, and about what political issues they're particularly interested in.

"Your survey responses are completely anonymous and not tied to your email address or Twitter account," reads the survey. "White House staff will only use responses to this survey to help improve online programming." The questionnaire is powered by Survey Analytics and posted to

Fill out the survey, and the White House seizes the moment to suggest which other Twitter accounts followers of @whitehouse might be interested in keeping tabs on.