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'Engage Omaha:' a Web Platform for Citizen Input

BY Nick Judd | Friday, May 13 2011

Late last month, the City of Omaha launched a web platform to collect citizen input on budget priorities for its next budget.

The platform is an instance of MindMixer, built by an Omaha-based company focused on idea generation software solutions. MindMixer's co-founder, Nick Bowden, spoke earlier this afternoon in a breakout session at OpenGovWest.

"We have people from 14 to 94 [years of age]," Bowden said during a panel presentation on technology for civic engagement — meaning that in his view, online platforms don't just reach the 25-to-45 crowd. But he seems to want it both ways; later, he said that the 25-to-45 crowd needed better representation in public processes because they were the group least likely to have the time for a weeknight public meeting.

Omaha's government will be collecting input through the end of May.

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