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How the Wikileaks Non-Disclosure Agreement Got Disclosed

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, May 12 2011

Former Wikileaker James Ball writes in the Guardian that he refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement, a document [pdf] pressed on him by Julian Assange, on the grounds that doing so would have been not only ironic, but dangerous:

Refusing to sign the document was, in large part, thanks to the healthy instinct of self-preservation. But there are much larger issues at stake. The existence of gagging agreements and clauses is one of the biggest challenges to public interest whistleblowing.

But Jacob Harris of the New York Times picks up on an interesting little twist in Ball's account. Ball writes that word of the NDA finally got out because, he says, he accidentially public tweeted a photo of the document that he'd intended to send to someone as a Twitter direct message. Hey, there's more than one way for information to find its way free.