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Canadians Contemplate an Election "Tweet-In"

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, April 21 2011

Canadians are conspiring to flout a national election law that prohibits them from tweeting, posting, or otherwise spreading word about any election results until polls have closed coast to coast, reports CBC News:

"I wonder how many people we could get to take part in a 'tweet-in' protest against the election-night Twitter ban," tweeted Ottawa's Peter Raaymakers.

"I'm in," Montreal's Jason Mayoff tweeted.

"We should all tweet on May 2," tweeted Denis Gagnon of Timmons, Ont. "Either we flood the system and [Elections Canada] gets overwhelmed, or we all get fined and end up paying for #elxn41."

Others suggested tweeting election results using code names for the parties, or deliberately tweeting inaccurate results.

(via Mathew Ingram)