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Attacks on Russian Blogosphere Quash 'Online Parliament' Initiative

BY Nick Judd | Friday, April 8 2011

Also subjected to DDoS attacks on the Internet infrastructure supporting political dissent in Russia: Novaya Gazeta, a newspaper that the BBC describes as "often critical of official policies:"
A spokesperson for Novaya Gazeta, quoted by Interfax news agency, linked the attack to the paper's effort to launch an "online parliament". Nadezhda Prusenkova said: "We would like to create a platform to serve as an alternative to the incumbent authorities, where the problems which the authorities either ignore, or just choose to ignore, could be discussed."
UPI, quoting the news agency RIA Novosti, says the goal of the project "is to provide a forum for some of Russia's most popular bloggers, including jailed former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky and anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny."