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From craigslist's Craig comes craigconnects

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 8 2011

Craig "craigslist" Newmark has just launched craigconnects. What is it? It's all of these, he writes:

  • vision of getting everyone in the world together for the common good via the Internet.
  • plan to support sustainable efforts; ones that are socially responsible, self-perpetuating and replicable.
  • service to connect and protect organizations and individuals that can help make that vision come true.
  • program that, for its first year of operation, is focused solely on the areas of support defined on this website, even though I know there are many other worthy efforts that might be worth support in the future, as craigconnects grows.
  • way to make this all happen, and I know some things will work, some not, but along the way maybe others will be inspired to join in.
  • channel through which my support — as a speaker, board member, social media champion, traditional media source, etc. – can be solicited. I tend to be overwhelmed with requests and craigconnects will help me manage this so I can do a lot more."

Newmark says he's commiting his next two decades to the project. The areas of particular interest at launch are "community building," "journalism integrity," "Middle East," "open & accountable government," service & volunteering, and "technology for social good." Each are fleshed out with pointers to established groups working in those spaces. Craig and the craigslist foundation has been deeply involved in a similar project called All for Good, which powers the Obama adminsitration's

Check out craigconnects here.