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Think Globally, Tweet Locally: British Town Council In Midst of 24 Hours of Tweets

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, March 3 2011

Boring but important: The Walsall Town Council took to Twitter March 24 to explain its value to citizens, 140 characters at a time.

One of the weirdly great things about the rising significance of the Internet in daily life is the way it reduces the daily dose of required human contact.

How great is it that people in most major cities can select, order and receive delivery without saying a word?

But social media can also connect people who wouldn't otherwise acknowledge one another as human beings, and it's that aspect of Internet life that the Walsall Council in West Midlands, U.K. highlighted on March 3 with a 24-hour project to post notes to Twitter about as many activities of local government as possible.

"Walsall 24 doesn’t aim to be definitive or exhaustive and not everything we do will be listed," co-organizer Dan Slee wrote on his blog, "But this does aim to nail the urban myth that all we do is bins."

Using the Walsall24 hashtag and a scad of Twitter accounts, the Walsall council staff flooded Twitter with reports of running salsa classes for seniors, cleaning up area parks, curating art galleries, running the library and a smattering of the other daily tasks performed by government employees in a British town.

The day's twittering, photographing and posting to Facebook was inspired by similar exercises by the Greater Manchester Police and South Birmingham, Slee wrote.

The council itself will end the night with a discussion of the town's website, town councillor Mike Flower wrote on Twitter.