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The Europe roundup: Why mySociety folks should run a Masters in Public Technology

BY Antonella Napolitano | Monday, February 28 2011

  • UK | Why mySociety folks should run a Masters in Public Technology
    ... as their boss says! Tom Steinberg explains why he thinks people in his team should run a Master "which would take people with the raw skill and the motivation and puts them on a path to becoming experts in the impactful use of digital technologies for social purposes". It may sound like a cliché - as he says - but  people like the folks really can make the difference. How?

    Such people can tell the management which waves of technology are hype, and which bring real value, because they care more about results than this week’s craze, or a flashy presentation. They can build small or medium sized solutions to an organisation’s problems with their bare hands, because they’re software engineers. They can contract for larger IT solutions without getting ripped off or sold snake oil. And they can tell the top management of organisations how those organisations look to a digital native population, because they come from that world themselves.

    But institutions do not hire these people... because - first of all - they did not know they existed and they need them: "Before you get too snarky about dumb, insular institutions, can you honestly say you would try to phone a plumber if you had never heard that they existed? Or would you just treat the water pouring through the ceiling as normal?"
    How should the Master work? Read Steinberg's whole post and give a thought on the debate.

  • Pirate Party International Conference
    The Pirate Party is organising the 2011 International Conference:

    In the spirit of maintaining communication and co-operation between Pirate Parties around the world an Open Space event workshop is planned to be held during the conference. Open Space Technology is a powerful tool that allows to handle the most complex matters with the ease of a coffee break, and will allow us to take a glance at the future of the PPI.
    We'll open a space where you'll work with other pirates to identify and address the most important issues in your work, your organization and your community. Come prepared with your own burning questions and pressing needs... and be ready to address them in a dynamic, high-learning environment.
    The official sessions of the General Assembly will be streamed. Remote participation will be possible. Detailed instructions will be sent to you as soon as possible. Remote participants do not have to register at the moment.

  • EU | From Tunisia to Italy: a situational map
    Frontex is the EU agency that coordinates the operational cooperation between Member States in the field of border security. Here's the map they create to show current and past information regarding migrant flows from Tunisia to Italy.
    (via Migrant at sea)