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"Keith Olbermann Quit Twitter Because of Me"

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, December 17 2010

Over on Salon, Sady Doyle recounts she sparked the #mooreandme meme that seems to have driven Keith Olbermann from Twitter, at least for the moment:

Wednesday morning, I was a girl who ran a moderately trafficked feminist blog. I had about 1,500 Twitter followers. I was frustrated with the way the Julian Assange rape case had been treated by fellow left-wing media figures, including Keith Olbermann, but especially Michael Moore, who minimized the accusations while pledging bail money to Assange. I didn't know yet that he had also misrepresented the accusations against Assange  (they're for rape, not that his "condom broke") on Olbermann's show. I tweeted a joke, about hoping a bunch of rape survivors pulled a "Roger & Me" outside of Michael Moore's office, and directed it at Moore's Twitter. Then it hit me: The dude's on freaking Twitter. He can hear me. More accurately, he can hear us.

I suggested that people frustrated by Moore's actions tweet at him until he responded. Anti-rape activist Jaclyn Friedman suggested we use a hashtag, and came up with one, #MooreandMe. I wrote a blog post. And it was on. Thousands of tweets, links from every corner of the blogosphere, and -- surprisingly -- a response, that evening, from @KeithOlbermann himself.

But not, you know, a response to me. Because he blocked me.

Olbermann -- who, if you watch the tape, raised the sex charges with Moore (video here) and largely stayed silent after that point -- seems to have gotten particularly upset over comments like one that seemed to brand his interview with Moore as "rape apologist bingo." While Olbermann was mixing it up with his critics before he signed off Twitter, Moore, or rather, @MMFLint, has ignored the controversy. Olbermann has, actually, since broken his Twitter silence, just once -- to congratulate Larry King on his last show. (via Tom Watson)