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Daschle Leaving DGA to Start a Social Platform

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 15 2010

Nathan Daschle, on left, with Delaware Governor Jack Markell; Image credit: Third Way.

All things, of course, come in threes. And you might squint a bit and see the news that Nathan Daschle is leaving the Democratic Governors Association to start up a new political social network the third beat completing two others that have come this week: the launch of the No Labels call for blindness to partisanship and Time's naming of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Person of the Year for 2010.

According to Politico's Mike Allen, Daschle (yes, son of Tom) is leaving the DGA, which he's led for the last four years, to start up Ruckus, "an online social-networking platform to give individuals the ability to organize themselves for political purposes outside the two-party system." (via Shaun Dakin)

Zuckerberg's come to global fame and even movie stardom-by-proxy by proving the notion that people are willing to connect to one another online, and that they can even come to rather enjoy it. The tremendous popularity of social networking raises the question of whether online organizing could, in fact, challenge the whole Democrat/Republican established way of doing things in the United States. Of course, the reality is that these post-partisan things generally seem to fail. (Remember HotSoup?) But it didn't look all that likely a few years ago that a significant slice of the world's population would spend their days reading the wall posts of people they barely know, either. So, we'll see. The devil's in the details, and as far as Ruckus goes, we don't have to many of them yet -- other than Daschle's tweet from this morning hinting at his motivation: "the political world needs a little ruckus."