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Children's Crusade: A Primer on How Britain's Students Are Organising Using Social Media

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, November 29 2010

Students in the United Kingdom are on the march against deep cuts in higher education spending, and their protests are being organized and amplified by what, more and more, seems to be the standard social media tool-kit of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and Google Maps (showing where marches are planned). Tomorrow they're holding the second in what appears to be a series of planned national walk-outs, and people are starting to call it a "Children's Crusade" for the large number of middle-school and high-school age students who are participating, along with their college peers. The forecast calls for snow, but it may also be a very big snowball fight, if all the plans circulating online come to fruition.

Here's a bit of a background guide of links to get better acquainted with what's going on:

With governments across Europe (and soon the United States?) imposing austerity cuts to social spending in the wake of the financial meltdown, these kinds of student protest movements are likely to keep bubbling. It will be interesting to see if they manage to link up with other groups and grow across borders, or if the cold weather and the inevitable ebb and flow of student life leads them to twitter out.