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So Easy You Might Accidentally Make a Phone Call for Obama

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, October 18 2010

Seriously, with 15 days to go before election day, the DNC's new media shop is rolling out more products than I can keep up with. So, I offer, with what I admit is little context, a simple pointer to yesterday's Organizing for America's "Change by the Million" day of action.

Here's the short of it: OFA supporters visit where the system intuits their location (through IP address, presumably) and are wham-bam-instantly fed the details on a potential local voter contact, including full name, phone number, gender, age, and party affiliation. At this point, privacy maven Shaun Dakin plain old up and has a heart attack. Callers also get a calling script to work from ("Our records show that you voted in the 2008 election. Thank you for voting -- our votes changed the country. The upcoming elections on Nov 2 are the opportunity to do that again.") and a chance to let the system know how the call went. Now, click-to-call tools aren't new. Here's a recent look at the GOP's version of it. But this is a remarkably streamlined example of the technology. The only easier way to phone bank on behalf of the Democrats would be were they to implant a thought-activated dialing chip in your head.

Lumping together doors knocked yesterday with calls made through the app, the DNC is claiming victory in hitting the million voter contact mark. Now you know. At least something.