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"It's Not Make Believe"

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, October 15 2010

Fast Company's Austin Carr has a look inside House Republican Whip Eric Cantor's new media shop, with a spotlight on Cantor's director of new media Matt Lira. Lira, who drove that office's YouCut effort to crowdsource federal budget cuts, explains that his intention is to use new media to not only shape who runs Capitol Hill, but how it runs. Here's Lira:

So much of social media is non-partisan -- it can make government better... It's not make believe. The key is making sure people's votes online have an affect on the outcome -- that they are making an authentic impact on the process. We must apply these lessons to other activities in the future: incorporating audiences into bill crafting, oversight, hearings, committee meetings, floor activities -- make the public's interaction real.

Of course, Lira's vision becomes something much more tangible should Republicans take the House come November. The House is pretty much a winner-take-all game, and the majority there has a great deal of leeway in making decisions about how the place operates. Give it a read.