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BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, October 13 2010

A follow-up to that Daily Kos "grassroots SEO" campaign -- Chris Bowers tells progressives they can help determine the Google/Yahoo/Bing that other Americans see by clicking unflattering links:

Once a day, spend a couple minutes conducting a Google, Yahoo or Bing search on the name of a Republican running for Congress. Look over the summaries of the first 50 results and, when you do, be sure to only click on the links that appear unflattering to the Republican candidate.

Why it works: The links you click on during any search will become a little bit more prominent the next time someone else conducts the same search.

One supportive comment on Bowers' post: "Just clicked about 20 links against CA Prop 23. it was FUN! It's like a video game!" I've got an ask into Google to see what they make of Bowers' tactic, and their judgment on how effective it is.