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Elizabeth Warren Kicks Off W.H. "Tuesday Talks" Series

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, October 12 2010

Elizabeth Warren has pledged to "think differently" about how you go about creating from scratch a 21st century federal agency, in this case the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which President Obama appointed her to launch. What's that mean? Warren hinted to the Huffington Post that she has a vision for an agency that goes beyond just your standard bricks-and-mortar DC organization to capture a two-way conversation between the federal government and the American people.

First up, it seems: engaging in an online conversation at 1pm EST today (as in, in about two minutes from now) where Warren will take questions from the public via Facebook, and answer them live on

But Warren's chat isn't, notes the White House's Kori Schulman on the White House blog, some one-off event. Rather, you'll be able to set your calender to the White House's new "Tuesday Talks" series, wherein some Obama administration official or officials will take the people's questions live online. Tuesday Talks slots into the Obama White House's efforts to use all of the new media tools at their disposal to both open by the White House and shape what normal people are talking about out there in the world. That effort has included such things, recently, as an animated movie on why we need financial protection reform and Austan Goolsbee in front of a dry-erase board explaining the on-going tax cut debate.

Scheduled for upcoming Tuesday Talks are, on the 19th of October, a talk with members of the President's Committee on Arts and Humanities, and for the 26th, Brian Deese, Special Assistant to the President for