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Quote of the Day: Medvedev's Free Expression

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, September 10 2010

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So far, this process has not been institutionalized, but it will be sooner or later… Ultimately, it will become direct democracy.

-- That's Russian President Dmitry Medvedev celebrating the idea that the "informal voting" that takes place online in the form of blog comments and, presumbly, tweets should eventually become a formalized part of Russia's nascent democracy. (via Evgeny Morozov)

Medvedev, you might know, is one of your more active world leaders on Twitter, and he or his staff went to Twitter to share some further thoughts on how Russian bloggers and the Russian government can get along. Medvedev made the case there that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand, online and off, then went on to say, "Many bloggers understand this responsibility. Sometimes I read things that are unpleasant, but it's good that there is free expression."