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Spokesperson: New Media "Vital Part of What the RNC Does"

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, August 17 2010

RNC spokesperson Doug Heye pushes back strongly on the idea that there's been a "shake up" in the RNC's new media operations, or that, contrary to rumors floating about, that new media staffers have been asked to go part-time because of financial challenges at the committee. "New media is vital part of the communications department and a vital part of what the RNC does," said Heye. Heye confirms that two people of the "10 or 11" staffers in the party's new media team have been moved to the RNC's Victory operations for the mid-terms, but dismisses other talk about a reduction in the RNC's commitment to new media as part of rumors and gossip circulated by those with insufficient knowledge of the RNC's internal operations.