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Dems Connect BP, Hill GOP

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, July 12 2010

Democrats are eager for supporters to spread the message to their friends that a Republican Congress would be a great friend to oil giant BP.

Meet BP Republicans, a mid-term microsite just launched by the Democratic National Committee, with email, Facebook, and Twitter integration and featuring such Republican figures as Reps. Joe Barton (TX), Michelle Bachmann (MN), and Steve King (IA); and Senate candidates Rand Paul of Kentucky and Sharron Angle of Nevada.

One Republican not technically on the ballot in November has proven herself enough of a target/concern for Democrats that she still makes an appearance on the site. Sarah Palin gets her own Easter egg from the Dems new media shop. Click on the elephant clad in BP colors in the bottom left corner. Up pops a retro graphic of the former Alaska governor, billed as the "Original BP Republican."