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On Hill to Lobby, Rachael Ray Finds Her iPad Overcooked

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 10 2010

Alas, the iPad might have one less fan in Washington after today.

Rachael Ray, TV food person, was on Capitol Hill this morning to talk about improving kids' access to nutritious school and community-based meals. Ray was prepared. Her iPad, not so much. "In one of life's little ironies," said Ray at the outdoor press conference, "this beautiful iPad that my husband gave me to organize my thoughts for today just decided that it was too hot to work. So I'm going to have to wing this." Ray seems to have managed quite well.

Others have reported problems with the device overheating in the sun; had the high in DC today at about 87 degrees.

Here's a shot of Ray just before speaking, looking at her iPad with noticeable concern:

Photo credit: House Committee on Education and Labor